1. falloutbong:

    dont hit men!!!!

    dont him women!!!

    dont hit people!!!!

    unless theyre into that in which case make sure you have a safeword

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  2. elvishbabe:

    this is my new favourite thing in the world

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  3. thenherskinturnedintoasong:

    Are yu keeding mi

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  6. magictransistor:

    Adolf Wölfli. The Waterfall of Zion. 1914.

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  9. yennranmma:

    whenever “strong female characters” insult men by calling them girls  my eyes roll so far back in my head i can see my brain cells die

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  13. feministmagicalgirl:


    "Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

    [audible gasp] they included Michonne and Clementine!!!

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  15. koreanmodel:

    Lee Seungmi by Jung Yongseob for W Korea Feb 2014

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